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Locomotive Technology.

General Theory and Practice

Locomotives and locomotive building, being a brief sketch of the growth of the railroad system and of the various improvements in locomotive building in America together with a history of the origin and growth of the Rogers Locomotive and Machine Works, Paterson, New Jersey, from 1831 to 1886 .. (1886)

Catechism of the locomotive (1875)

Catechism of the locomotive (1877)

The American railway; its construction, development, management, and appliances (1889).

The evolution of the steam locomotive (1803 to 1898) (1899)

Narrow gauge railways in America : a sketch of their rise, progress and success : valuable statistics as to grades, curves, weight of rail, locomotives, cars, etc. : also a directory of narrow gauge railways in North America (1876)

Locomotive Operation

The Art of Railroading: Locomotive engineering.
By C.F. Swingle, editor. Calvin Franklin Swingle, Frederick John Prior. Railway publications society, 1906

Locomotive Dictionaries

The evolution of the steam locomotive (1803 to 1898).

Locomotive Dictionary - First Edition, 1906.
The Railroad Gazette, 1906.

Locomotive Dictionary - ??? Edition, 1909.

Locomotive Dictionary - ??? Edition, 1916.

Locomotive Cyclopedia - Sixth Edition
Compiled and Edited for the American Railway Association Division V Mechanical. [Ed note: Name changed to "Locomotive Cyclopedia" beginning with this edition.]

Cyclopedia of Locomotive Engineering.

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