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Nevada \ Yellow Pine Mining Co. \ Roster

Equipment Roster.


No. Builder Type Class c/n Date White Cyl Driver Weight Notes
? Unknown Gas Mechanical
1 Lima Shay 2500 Jan 5 1912 2 truck 8x12 (2) 26" 44,200 See note 2
2 Lima Shay 2793 Jul 15 1916 2 truck 8x12 (2) 26" 44,200 See note 3
? Whitcomb Gas Mechanical See note 4
? Plymouth Gas Mechanical HL3 2522 Jan 1927 2-4-2 See note 5

1) There are reports that one of the Quartette Mining Company locomotives may have been used during construction. (at least one site suggests this early engine came from Arden Plaster, but I note that one of the locomotives used at Arden may have come from the Quartette Mining Company).
2) Koch reports that the first shay locomotive was converted to standard gauge in 1923, wrecked 8/1927, scrapped in 11/1935, while report the engine converted to standard gauge in 1923, wrecked in May of 1927, and scrapped in August 1927.
3) Koch reports the locomotive was wrecked 8/1927, scrapped 11/1935, while reports this locomotive wrecked in 8/1927 (supported by other evidence) and scrapped on 9/28/1929.
4) In use by 1928 to an LA dealer after 1930.
5) Plymouth 18 ton HLC 4 wheel locomotive with lead and training guide wheels. Plymouth records refer to this as a 2-4-2. The locomotive was tested by NCNG in 1927, before being returned to the dealer. It was sold to YPMC on 6-30-1929. When YPMC ended operations it was sold to L.E. Dixon Co, Los Angeles, for use on a construction project for Metropolitan water District, White Water, CA, To Hyman Michaels (dealer) to Pacific Coast Ry, #120, 1936, to Aaron Feher Co. (Dealer) Los Angeles, CA, 1-1942.

Thoughts on the two shays: It is not clear that either engine was numbered. We refer to c/n 2500 as No 1 since it was the first purchased. We do not understand if or why the first shay was converted to standard gauge in 1923. I assume that the report is based on spare parts ordered from Lima. It is clear that the railroad was not converted, so if the locomotive was converted, how it was used after 1923. A Ted Wurm photograph of a derelict shay (not wrecked), lettered for Yellow Pine Mining Co, no number visible, with a second set of shay trucks appears in Myrick, p759. The caption says this photograph was taken in 1939. Ted Wurm was actively taking railroad photos in the area in 1939, but not significantly before, supporting the reported date. This strongly suggests that at least one of the locomotives was not scrapped until much later. It is hard to tell, but it is possible that the second set of trucks in the photograph are standard gauge. It is possible that the narrow gauge trucks were moved from locomotive to locomotive. Based on the reports of the 8/1927 wreck involving the second locomotive “It exploded on impact” the Ted Wurm photograph shows the first locomotive.

Rolling stock.

Myrick reports that there were 12 ore cars. Photos show 4 wheel "v" tilt cars, similar to Koppel cars. Photos show one 4 wheel car with a rectangular body , a 4 wheel car with a vertical tank, and one 8 wheel flat car.

Nevada \ Yellow Pine Mining Co. \ Roster
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