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February 19, 2019

Gallery & Forum Down

By: pcngadmin

The Gallery and Forum are currently unavailable while the site is going through software upgrades. We’ll be working to restore the sections of the site as soon as possible.

January 13, 2018

Sierra Narrow Gauge Conference: 2018

By: pcngadmin


Presented by the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad

Co-Hosted by the Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Historical Society Inc.

Come join in for 4 days of Narrow Gauge presentations and activities as we explore the NG Railroads that once roamed the high mountains and lower foothills of the Sierra Nevada Range. Through presentations and hands on activities we will venture into the history of these railroads and discuss such topics as the locations, structures, equipment, and the people that kept it all on track.

We will also talk about modeling these NG lines and conduct a model show where you can bring your favorite NG modeling projects to show off.

You will be able to examine and inspect up close the many pieces of NG equipment that the museum has on location and can even get a opportunity to ride in one of the restored West Side Lumber Company logging cabooses.

There will be Steam, 2 Rail Cars, and WS Plymouth activity, rides and switching in the yard. We will once again hold our West Side Lumber Company day with all West Side activities and the West Side Restoration Tri-Tip and Chicken BBQ.

Some of the Presentation Topics:

West Side Lumber Company Railroad
Lake Tahoe Railroads
Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad
Modeling Narrow Gauge
Restoration of Narrow Gauge Equipment
Sierra Valleys Railway
Stanislaus Railway Lumber Flumes
Logging Trestle Construction
Verdi Lumber Company

and much more…

The conference will commence on Thursday June 7th at 1:00 PM with registration and introduction and end on Sunday June 10th at 1:00 PM and will be held on the grounds of the NCNGRR Museum located at
#5 Kidder Ct. in Nevada City, Ca.

The conference will be limited to 130 attendees so register early!

Download Registration Form in PDF Here.

October 17, 2016

Southern Pacific #18 Under Steam

By: Andrew Brandon

On Saturday October 15th Southern Pacific #18 moved again on her own for the first time in 62 years. This comes after six years of hard work performed by the volunteers of the Carson & Colorado Railway.

The Carson & Colorado Railway group has posted a pair of video of the locomotive under steam on Instagram.

Southern Pacific #18 Under Steam Video 1.

Southern Pacific #18 Under Steam Video 2.

Southern Pacific #18 Full Steam.

Trains Magazine: Southern Pacific No. 18 Steams Again.

#18 now resides at the Eastern California Museum in Lone Pine where a display building will be constructed for the locomotive. On special occasions it will be operated on the site using 1200 feet of track that will be built in the future.

October 15, 2015

Product Review: Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette DVD Archive.

By: Andrew Brandon

The Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette recently released their entire series of publications from 1975 to 2014 in a DVD set. This set also includes the complete run of Finelines (1964 – 1975) and Slim Gauge News (1970 – 1974). This adds up to: 239 GAZETTE issues, 57 FINELINES issues, 18 SLIM GAUGE NEWS issues, a total of 25,220 pages; with 1,828 plans and scale drawings.

Gazette DVD Packaging
Collection Packaging

The discs are professionally packaged (we would expect nothing less from the Gazette!), installation instructions and other helpful information included on the pamphlet inside. These discs work on Windows and Mac operating systems and require installation. The viewing application is created in Adobe Air and quickly installed. The user interface of the viewer is tastefully designed and includes several handy sorting features. You can switch between thumbnail and list view, sort by date and filter by publication.

Viewing an issue is as easy as double clicking the cover from the application. You are presented with high resolution scans of every page (front and back covers included). These issues are complete, right down to the advertisements vintage advertisements. Early issues (from 1964 – 2003) are presented as page scans with searchable text. Later issues are conversions of the source files used in publishing and contain embedded fonts which are visually much sharper than the scans. At the bottom of the user interface is a collapsible menu that displays a thumbnail of each page. Additional tools like bookmarking, indexes and the ability to search by title, author and keywords make finding information easy.

User Interface
The User Interface

The application includes a couple options of note including the ability to disable the page flip animation and to fully install the files to your system (removing the need to take the DVDs off the shelf). I have made full use of this local storage option and now keep the entire set on my laptop for reference when I travel (this requires about 14GB of space). Printing articles and drawings is possible from the scans. The instruction/insert that comes with the provides tips on scaling the print output to match your preferred scale. You can even open issues directly with Acrobat Reader and they should be usable on your handheld devices (I have not tested this yet). My only complaint about the interface is the apparent lack of a true full screen mode. This can be easily remedied by opening each issue through Acrobat (or your preferred PDF viewer) directly.

As an avid collector of Gazette issues I am quite pleased with the quality of these digital editions. Having them on DVD has reduced the physical storage required to keep these as a reference. Except for a few issues, I’ve lightened my collection since this arrived. The ability to quickly browse and search through the entire run has made it an invaluable tool. I highly recommend this collection to the hobbyist and/or researcher as an essential research tool.

Price: $139.99
Available from Hayden Publishing