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February 8, 2014

We Lose one of our own…

By: Randy Hees

Tom Armstrong died in Mid December in Pennsylvania where he had retired several years before.

Here among western railroad historians, Tom was known for his love of, and research on the Nevada California Oregon (NCO) railroad, and its related lines…  He was The expert of record on these lines… a title of honor earned by years of careful and comprehensive research.

Those of us who were lucky enough to meet him, and maybe join him on a trip to explore a railroad right of way, NCO or other, knew him as a kind soul who freely shared his knowledge and research…  and a really nice guy.

Much of his organized research is currently available on Slim Rails .  He had given us photos and other information to post on Pacificng… we were holding that information, waiting  for Tom to write the page on our site… Now, that will not happen and others will have to pick up his torch.  Several years ago he donated some hundreds of pounds of iron railroad castings to the SPCRR at Ardenwood… There is an effort being made by his friends to complete and publish his book on the NCO…

In his real life he was the Rev. Thomas E. Armstrong…  a minister of the Presbyterian Church.  He served congregations in California to Pennsylvania to Ohio.  I suspect he was pretty good at that calling too.

His obituary may be found here

While I am not a Presbyterian, nor a particularly observant Christian, I would like to offer the following from the Presbyterian Book of Common Prayer…  It seems to suit Tom and his memory

Eternal God,
we remember with thanksgiving,
those who have loved and served you in your church on earth,
who now rest from their labors
[especially those most dear to us
whom we name in our hearts before you . . .].
Keep us in fellowship with all your saints,
and bring us at last
to the joy of your heavenly kingdom.


Go in Peace… Randy